Retirement Living

Retirement Living

Is your current home too large and you wish to downsize?

Are you planning to sell your family home and move into a retirement village?

We understand that the processes downsizing and moving into a Retirement Village can be daunting and stressful for most.

However, at Lake Law we are here to help.

You may be looking at a house or unit in a complex such as Settlers, the Terraces, or Aveo.  All of these are different.  If you know someone living there, it helps to ask other residents to get some understanding and a feel for the complex.  

Made a mistake? Don’t worry.  You have a statutory 14 day cooling off period at your disposal, so if you change your mind, you can terminate the contract and get your deposit back.

Whether the home or unit is freehold (owned in your name) or leasehold (a long-term lease) does not make a substantial difference.  It is more important that you like the complex.  There may be differences in the costs of ownership however.  We can help if you require advice or a better understanding of the processes of moving into a Retirement Village.


Below are some of the procedures that we conduct to assist you:

Contract review – product disclosure

At this point you have decided that you wish to move into a particular Retirement Village and have signed an Expression of Interest form with them. The complex will provide you with disclosure documents relating to living in the complex.  If you feel unsure of the document, you can ask us to review them for you — we will be happy to assist.

Acting on your purchase

Once you have signed the purchase contract and all disclosure documents provided to you, we can act for you to ensure your purchase goes smoothly.  We will explain the contract and residence documents to you in plain English.  We will assist you to sign the residence documents, transfers and deal with the seller’s and complex’s solicitors. We will ensure that the whole process is painless and simple so that you can move in, and get on with your life.


Is your potential purchase subject to you selling your current family home?

  • We can help you with selling your current family home and ensuring that you can move out of your current home and move in to your new home at the same time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you need early access to your new retirement home?

  • We can assist you in requesting early access licence or early occupation licence which allows you to move in before the formal settlement date.