Oxley Conveyancing Services

Lake law is a dedicated and experienced legal firm located at Forest lake on Brisbane Southside. We provide professional legal services for the Oxley suburb.

Our legal team lead by Huddleston Greg, who has over 25 years of experience in Family Law, is proficient in Family Law, Divorce, Conveyancing, Wills and Estate planning. During this tough period, we provide remote consultant service for client lived in the Oxley suburb.

What can we help with Oxley suburb residents?

We will provide the Conveyancing services for Oxley suburb residents.

Since buying or selling a property is a big decision for most people, you should ask for professional legal services to help. We have offered over many years of experience with property law in Brisbane and represented both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your rights and interests are protected in buying or selling a residential or commercial property in Oxley suburb.

Our fees are inclusive of (but not limited to) the following:

Reviewing your purchase contract;
Initial letter to you with critical dates of the contract;
Conducting searches;
Drafting Transfer documents;
Liaising with you, agent and the seller’s solicitors;
Liaising with your bank or broker (often the most time-consuming part of your purchase);
Requesting extensions on your behalf should it be required;
In-House stamping of Transfer documents;
Drafting settlement figures;
Preparing and attending settlement on your behalf.

How can we assist Oxley suburban residents?

During this tough time, we have several ways to be contacted.

In our office
Lake law has an office (40 Glorious Way Forest Lake, Qld 4078) on Brisbane Southside. It’s very close to the Oxley suburb. Our offices have a meeting and conference room with discreet waiting areas for your privacy.

Make a call
If you don’t have time for our office, another convenient and quickest communication is using the phone. When you call our office (07 32789559), you will always be able to speak with a friendly Lake law team member.

Via Social Software
If you prefer to have an online conversation, you can get the consult through our social software, such as FB, skype, and so on.